About Brent

Hi, I’m Brent O’Bannon, founder of StrengthsFinder Coaching. My business is centered on helping successful people become even more successful by playing to your strengths.


My life as a coach began at seventeen when I felt a calling to inspire people. I began mentoring members of my church and speaking to our small congregation where I honed my skills as a speaker. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Masters of Behavioral Science. I am the proprietor of a successful private counseling practice.


Now two decades later, after counseling and coaching over 27,000 clients and speaking to more than 75+ organizations, I’m at a place in life to challenge others and myself. Let me help to make a bigger difference for you and your organization.



Brent O’Bannon LLC

115 S. Travis, Suite 303
Sherman, TX 75090
[email protected]